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What is the Upward Program?

The Upward Program is a resource to make mental health therapy services available to children, teens and adults who may have difficulty paying standard rates. Our therapists are available to meet with you for counseling sessions to address a variety of issues. All our clients receive the same quality of care and respect, regardless of their financial situation. The program is currently available thru May 2024, but spots are limited.


How do I know if I’m eligible?

The Upward Program is available to anyone without insurance, and those currently on Medicaid or other state-funded plans.


How much does it cost?

Each session is $15 and you must provide a credit/debit card to be put on file.


How frequent are the sessions?

You and your counselor will determine the frequency of visits that makes the most sense for your needs.


How do I sign up?

Please call our office at (224)232-8057 to enroll.

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